Emil Widlund

January 31
Introducing Bitspace – A new kind of playground for creative ideas


A new era of creative tooling

It's time for a new era in creative tooling. A paradigm which is shaped around exploration, prototyping & creative freedom. That's why I'm happy to reveal a new creative environment – Bitspace.

January 13
A new kind of color picker - built with React & TypeScript



This article was written as a "behind the scenes" of my very appreciated launch of "Harmony - A new kind of color picker".

Feel free to check it out.

February 16
Why a Design Engineer career is an investment for your future

Frame 10.jpg

In April 2014, I received an email.

Cool things in your portfolio

Hey Emil,

I've had a look at your portfolio, and I like what I'm seeing! I'm working at an EA Studio on titles like Battlefield, Star Wars & Mirror's Edge. Would you be interested in dropping by & grab a coffee?

February 6
Bitspace: Building a Cubic Bézier Curve editor from scratch


I've come across Bézier Curves many times in my creative life – most often in concepts like animations & easing configurations, where Bézier Curves comes up frequently. They are quite similar to Photoshop's & Lightroom's curve adjustment editors too, although they use a variant called Catmull-Rom Splines.

February 2
Bitspace: Reactive graphs with RxJS

Frame 9.png

Earlier this week, I announced Bitspace - A new kind of playground for creative endevours. I'd like to go a bit deeper into the reactivity model of Bitspace, and how it utilizes RxJS observables, observers, subjects & operators to produce complex computations.

January 22
The secrets behind rendering anything as ASCII



ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a common character encoding format, but has also found its way into graphic design through a technique commonly known as "ASCII Art". It's essentially a way to use letters, numbers & symbols to draw images.

January 16
The architecture behind Alma – An experimental playground for generative graphics


This post dives deep into Alma - A side project which I built in 2022. It was nominated to Side project of the year at React Summit in Amsterdam 2023.

January 8
Introducing a new kind of creator platform for developers


We developers & software engineers are all content creators. We often write code for other people through open source projects. But no platform which integrates your GitHub-endeavours with community engagement exists. Until now.