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Polar aims to expand the open source economy. No longer relying on the sponsorship or donation model alone, but empowering better collaboration and funding between maintainers and their backers on the most impactful efforts.

You can read more in our Hello World announcement. Join us and help fix open source funding.

Open roles (Remote, Europe)

We're currently a team of 3 across Stockholm, Sweden & Lyon, France. Unfortunately, we don't have any open roles today. However, if our mission excites you and you'd love to work together to solve this problem in the future, don't hesitate to reach out early.

About you

  • You are passionate about building great user experiences and products.
  • You’re humble and eager to constantly learn and improve based on feedback from customers and peers or new insights, technical trends and tools.
  • You’re pragmatic and prefer shipping over perfecting code
  • Coding and/or design is your hobby as well as profession.
  • You’re autonomous and don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves to get stuff done vs. waiting on instructions, guidance or permission.
  • You’re entrepreneurial and eager to be a part of building something for the long-term and from scratch within a small team with large individual responsibility & impact.

Reach out to Birk Jernström (CEO) at

About Polar

You know how all startups say “We’re just getting started”? Well, we literally are – our git init is only a few months old. We’re a blank page. You’re someone who is excited to be a part of filling this section out for the future vs. reading about it.

We have a few principles to help us shape this future though.

  • Maintainers first. We obsess over their needs and how we can drive capital towards their awesome contributions to human innovation. Everything else is in service of this.

  • Ship → Refactor → Scale. Our #1 focus and drive is shipping and growing great product experiences that solves real problems for maintainers and their backers. We celebrate pragmatic duct taping behind the scenes and consider scalability, performance and optimization efforts a reward, not our initial focus.

  • Reduce complexity, not quality. We seek to constantly move faster, but not at the cost of poor product experiences. Simplicity is key to enable this balance and we prioritize it across everything we do. Autonomy and accountability vs. processes. Opinionated design vs. 10 A/B tests. Render vs. K8s etc.

  • Do your life’s work. We’re not a 9-5 nor 24/7. We don’t track time nor search for people who count it down. We believe work-life balance is not about isolation, but harmony. We love to work and pour our heart into what we build to continuously push the envelope of our creativity and productivity.


We have an office in Stockholm currently given our team to date. However, our intention is to be a remote company now and in the future. So great talent within Europe are welcome to reach out.