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April 10
Introducing Early Access Posts


You can now write premium posts for paid subscribers that are automatically made public at a later date ♥️

It's a great option for open source initiatives. You can write posts knowing they will become available to the public domain. Yet, still offer a membership perk for those who help make the initiative sustainable. Win-win.

April 9
Start accepting donations today ♥️


We launched donations over the weekend a bit in silence. It's also off by default - you need to enable it. Despite this, a few developers quickly caught on and have already received hundreds of dollars in donations within 48 hours 😍

Let's see what happens now that the feature is announced properly. We also can't wait to tell you about a few things it will empower in the near future.

April 4
Mitchell Hashimoto joins Polar as an advisor

By Birk Jernström

Today, I'm honoured to announce that Mitchell Hashimoto is joining Polar as an advisor! In this post, I want to share why I'm personally so excited to work with him on our mission to get developers paid to code on their passions.

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birkjernstrom donated $10

Keep up the incredible work!

vinogradovkonst donated $100

You're doing a great thing!

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