Introducing Early Access Posts



You can now write premium posts for paid subscribers that are automatically made public at a later date ♥️

It's a great option for open source initiatives. You can write posts knowing they will become available to the public domain. Yet, still offer a membership perk for those who help make the initiative sustainable. Win-win.

Schedule public access

Schedule public access

  1. Go to Publish for a post you're writing
  2. Select Premium Subscribers as the audience
  3. Set a future date under Unlock at

The importance of sharing your journey

We built our markdown editor, posts and newsletter features after hearing the same thing over and over from well-known open source maintainers.

Building a successful open source initiative requires more than coding. You need to constantly share it, your vision and progress towards it. Build your community.

I know what you're thinking. Fuck. We all want to be like Jiro Dreams of Sushi, but s/Sushi/Code. However, let's not forget, Jiro starred in a movie to tell his story about his craft, restaurant and passion...

Just look at cURL. Daniel Stenberg is exceptional at inviting us all into the ups and downs behind the scenes.

Or take Andreas Kling behind the incredible SerenityOS & Ladybird initiatives. Keeping an impressive devlog on YouTube.

I'm sure they both cringed starting out too. Sharing into what felt like (and probably was) the void.

However, I encourage you to go back to their early posts & videos. Raw, unedited and personal content. That's how we all start.

So start small. Don't overthink it. Just share.

  1. Your story behind the initiative & goal ahead
  2. Progress updates (devlog)
  3. Fun learnings, insights & hacks along the way

Use this feature to encourage and reward paid supporters while still ensuring content becomes available for the entire community over time.

Have fun with it.