David Hewitt

Replacing PyO3's API without breaking everything downstream

PyO3 0.21 is inbound with a pile of performance improvements (up to 25% in many cases) and new features such as early async support. The biggest piece is PyO3's new "Bound" API. This post is the first of a planned series to cover the design journey that led us to PyO3's upcoming 0.21 release.

I am aiming for PyO3 0.21 to be released within the next two weeks - so by March 17th the migration outlined here should be underway. We may start with a beta release before continuing with the final release next week, for anyone who wants to be an early adopter.

February 12
Hello world, and the future for PyO3

Hello everyone! 👋

I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time. Working on PyO3 creates ideas that I think many people would find interesting to read about. Finally I have found the time to get started and to choose a platform to publish on.