Birk Jernström

March 5
Why I started Polar

Hello fellow developer 👋🏼 My name is Birk and I started Our mission is to fix open source funding & empower open source- and indie developers to work on their passions full-time.

It's a mission statement that has raised countless eyebrows to comments like: "That's stupid. There's no money in open source - idiot!" Well, I agree – historically. However, I think the status quo is broken, serves nobody, is destined to change and that the time for it is now.

So I'm starting this personal blog series to share the story (chronologically) & principles behind Polar. To sharing insights and learnings gathered from my discussions on the topic with hundreds of businesses, investors, open source developers- and founders.

Starting with my personal story, background & what pushed me down this rabbit hole to begin with.