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At Polar, we're building the creator platform for developers and the open source ecosystem. Empowering you to setup free- and paid subscriptions to your audience with built-in benefits that are seamless for you to manage and delightful for your audience to consume.

First, we introduced free- and paid posts & newsletters with our launch three weeks ago. In the coming days, we're excited to share 3 new subscription benefits that we've been cooking in our open s/kitchen/repository. Starting with Discord invites.

Subscribers -> Discord Members

Your audience will clearly see the Discord benefit with your custom label, e.g Discord Members Lounge, console.log(chat_message) to OCamel My Camel - have fun with it. Of course, you're also in complete control which tiers to enable it for - both free- and/or paid tiers.

Discord membership upsell

In case the subscriber has already connected their Discord account with Polar, they'll immediately be invited to your Discord server with the appropriate role that you've set. C'est tout as the French say.

But if it's their first time c'est pas un probleme, as the French also say.

Connect Discord

Subscribers will receive a notification that a Discord invitation via Polar is awaiting them. On Polar, they can then easily unlock it under their Benefit-tab by connecting their Discord account (OAuth) - instantly getting invited to your server thereafter.

Subscriber joined Discord server

Wave to say hi! It's coconut oily smooth as ThePrimeagen would say.

Let's get you setup

It only takes a few minutes.

  1. Click Edit Tier under Subscriptions within your creator dashboard on a subscription you want to enable Discord invites for.
  2. Click New Benefit (See below)

PS. You could also go directly to Benefits to see all existing ones across subscription tiers and create a new one from there.

Subscription Tier Settings

You'll be presented with a modal to create a new Subscription Benefit.

  1. Select Discord invite as the type.
  2. Click Connect your Discord server
  3. You'll be redirected to Discord to install the Polar bot on your selected server & grant the required permissions

Create Discord benefit

You'll now see the name of the Discord server you connected for this benefit.

  1. Set a label for the benefit, e.g Discord Members Lounge. This is what your audience & subscribers will see.
  2. Choose the Discord role you want to grant subscribers.
  3. Click Create

Please note: Discord bots can only grant access to roles listed underneath the bot (Polar) in your permission settings. We'll show a warning if you choose a role that is listed above our bot.

You can read more about Discord roles, what they enable and how you set them up on Discord's support page.

Choose Discord Role

You now see the new Discord benefit and that it's been automatically enabled for the tier you're currently editing. Awesome. Just hit Save Tier and you're done.

Subscription tier with Discord benefit

Upsell multiple Discord servers & roles

We've built this integration to support creating benefits across multiple Discord servers & roles šŸ¤Æ So unlike other creator platforms, we don't limit you to only upsell one role for one server across all subscription tiers.

Suggested upsells & roles

  1. Supporters. Give free subscribers a role too. Get colourful & fun with it. Fun to see Discord members who also subscribe to your Polar newsletter & posts.
  2. Backers. Offer individual supporters with a paid subscription some additional flair. Celebrate them.
  3. Business support. Offer commercial support to businesses.

Share your upsell on Twitter with us @polar_sh - we can't wait to see how creative you get with this feature šŸ˜

Coming next

We're open source so there are no spoiler alerts or stealth operations here. Here's what's coming up shortly:

  1. Ads - Automate sponsor logotypes across README, Site, Docs & Posts on Polar. No more manual overhead.
  2. Private Repository Access - You can connect multiple private repositories and seamlessly invite subscribers to gain access to them. Sky is the limit in terms of which models & opportunities this enables.


Discord was shipped by @Francois Voron in Lyon, France. So I (@birkjernstrom) broke out my high-school French to salute his efforts properly.

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