GitHub Supports Polar in FUNDING.yaml


You can now easily link your Polar page under the "Sponsor this project" section on GitHub - it looks absolutely beautiful šŸ˜

This is huge and all thanks to @matmair and our wonderful community! You made this happen, together. We're truly honoured and grateful to serve this amazing community of talented, passionate & kind developers.

A community united behind the mission

One week ago, Matthias submitted a community request to GitHub: Please add as a platform option in funding.yaml

Polar is basically like Patreon but has an amazing integration with GitHub [...] and feels much more native than Patreon or Ko-fi. Plus their source is open on GitHub. [...]

Not affiliated with them in any way, just appreciate how well-executed they work in this vital but slow space.


The post quickly rose to the top of GitHub's community suggestions - thanks to our incredible community and all your upvotes!

Late last night, GitHub responded (on Valentine's no less) quickly that they have now added Polar as a supported funding platform in FUNDING.yaml.

How to set it up

  • Create or modify .github/FUNDING.yaml in your desired repositories
  • Add the following configuration
polar: polarsource
  • Replace polarsource above with the GitHub username or organization name you have connected with Polar

While you're at it...

Embed subscribe buttons

We've also shipped an embeddable button for READMEs to promote & showcase your subscribers on Polar.


You can easily add it with the following code to support light & darkmode.

  • Just make sure to change polarsource in the URLs to the GitHub username or organization name you have connected with Polar
  <source media="(prefers-color-scheme: dark)" srcset="">
  <img alt="Subscribe on Polar" src="">

Using Polar with GitHub has never looked better with these two additions. Subscribe to stay up-to-date with all of the new things we're shipping on our mission to fix open source funding.