Better pricing


We're all used to getting pricing updates in this market that ruin our day. But not today. Not this update.

We're proud to share that our updated pricing is:

  • 5% + payment & payout fees (Stripe) instead of our former 10% + payment & payout fees.
  • No fixed monthly costs
  • We'll also cover Stripe fees from our 5% until March 31st, 2024.

It's already in effect.


Our mission at Polar is to empower developers to focus on their passion full-time. So two weeks ago, we launched our biggest update to Polar to date: A creator platform for the developer and open source ecosystem. Together with our launch, we decided to lower our pricing to ensure more capital could go directly into our founding community of developers, your initiatives and passions.

However, our launch announcement was packed with features. We've since heard that this great news got lost amongst them for some. So we felt it was worth repeating and standalone :-)

That's it. Let's continue to build & ship. Happy coding!

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