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User authentication is a fundamental part in every application we use every day. With Fief, we want to bring the best developer experience for implementing user authentication in their apps. They shouldn't spend hours reinventing the wheel over and over again and worry about the security of their system.

That's why Fief is not only an authentication server: it's also a set of well-thought SDK and integrations, backed by high-quality documentation, to help developer integrate Fief into their systems in minutes, with the highest security level.


Everything we do at Fief is driven by three core values, each one feeding each other.

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Fief is built on open-source and published in open-source. We believe bricks as fundamental as authentication shouldn't be a black box but open for everyone to see, understand and challenge.

šŸ‘‰ Openness brings Education

That's also why one of our flagship feature is Bring Your Own Database. Even if you use our cloud-hosted version, we believe you should be able to keep in control of where is hosted your data. And it's not a super-expensive "Enterprise" / "Contact us" feature: it's included on every plans!


As we said, user authentication shouldn't be a black box. Even if our goal is to help developers secure their apps in no-time, we want them to better understand how things work, how the different standards are implemented and what is best for their own architecture. That's why our documentation is not only a manual: it's a learning material.

If developers better understand security, they'll make better decisions and avoid pitfalls that could lead to vulnerabilities.

šŸ‘‰ Education brings Security


Of course, since our job is to secure apps, we also put all our efforts in making our system as secure as possible by adopting all the industry good practices, recommendations and following RFC standards.

Since it's open, everyone can observe what we're doing, detect vulnerabilities and help us fix them.

šŸ‘‰ Openness brings Security

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