A new step in Fief's journey



Early January, I announced my new vision and plans for Fief.

The most important change, of course, is the sunsetting of Fief Cloud. This allowed to dramatically simplify the code base and self-hosting deployment.

I'm happy to share today that this work is done and ready to be used 🎉 Starting version 0.28, all Fief instances are now based on a unique workspace.

As promised, we'll work on making self-hosting really easy, with lot of different options to account for every needs, skills and purses. We've already revamped our self-hosting documentation and added a new PaaS provider, Railway.

Deploy Fief on Railway

We're also in discussion to be soon integrated to PikaPods and Digital Ocean Marketplace.

I'm really glad to have made this push, as it'll allow me to focus more on the core features of Fief while allowing you to easily spin instances on your local machines and servers. Besides, it opens up a whole new world of possibility...

Introducing Stronghold, the supporter version of Fief

For a few weeks now, you can now support my work by subscribing to one of my paid tiers on Polar.

This money helps me to continue my work on high-quality authentication solutions for Python, including Fief, FastAPI Users or pwdlib, but also pay the services I need to make this run.

Today, I would like to better reward the ones who support me in this adventure.

I'm super happy to reveal Stronghold, the private edition of Fief for the most loyal supporters. The goal of this version is to give you access to exclusive features that are not available to the open version.

Currently the only feature is a setting allowing you to hide Fief branding on authentication pages.

Capture d’écran 2024-03-01 à 14.38.59.png

With branding...

Capture d’écran 2024-03-01 à 14.39.08.png

Without branding...

That's obviously a small start but it opens a wide range of possibility! A few ideas:

  • Advanced authentication pages customization
  • Advanced authentication methods like LDAP
  • Audit logs API
  • ...

Some features will be added to Stronghold as "premiere" before being added to the open version, in a pure sponsorware fashion. Others will always stay in Stronghold, like the Hide branding feature I mention above.

How can I access it?

Just subscribe on one of my paid tiers, and you'll automatically get a GitHub invitation to the repository, including access to the Docker image.

A new chapter opens for Fief! You're just in time to join the kingdom 👑 See you soon!