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From first donation to IPO

Polar offers features to scale with your needs.

Products & Subscriptions

Start offering developer first products and services in minutes - paid once, monthly or annually.

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For Individuals



Access to my weekly newsletter, my private GitHub repository & invite to my Discord server.

Binary Downloads
Access to GitHub repository
Discord Invite

Issue Funding & Rewards

Crowdfunded backlog or community bounties with seamless support to split funds with contributors.

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Polar crowdfunding badge embedded on a GitHub issue


Get appreciation from your community for a great newsletter, release or ongoing development.

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Custom Integrations & SaaS

Use our API & SDK to integrate Polar across your docs, sites, apps or services.

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Powerful & built-in benefits

We're building common developer upsells so you don't have to.

Private GitHub Repositories

Automate access to an unlimited amount of private GitHub repositories.

File Downloads

From e-books, source code to executibles - any file is supported up to 10GB/each.

Free & Premium Newsletters

Write a free, premium or early access newsletter in GitHub flavoured markdown.

Discord Invites & Roles

Give customers exclusive access or premium appearances and permissions.

Sponsor Promotion

Automate logotypes and offer newsletter sponsorship.

Custom Benefit

Create your own and share secret notes, e.g link to book consultation.

+ License keys, private packages and more to come

Supporting all use cases

From sustainable open source, sponsorware to full-fledged SaaS.

Increase sales, not overhead

Polar handles VAT, sales tax and billing so you don't have to.

Sales Metrics

Professional funding, sales and subscription metrics. Your dashboard can be plotted down to each hour - let's aim high, together.

Showing metric dashboard within Polar

Merchant of Record

No more VAT headache - we handle the necessary taxes for you.

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Withdraw your earnings with ease. Supporting Stripe & Open Collective.

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Grow community alongside transactions

Crucial for successful developer tools. So it's built-in - for free.

Polar Page

Social bio links for developers. Showcase your repos, products, subscriptions, newsletter and more.

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Free & Premium Newsletters

Offer online- and email newsletters to your community - at no additional cost. Write posts in GitHub flavoured markdown. Share them with all subscribers, paid ones or as early access.

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Write newsletters in GitHub flavoured markdown

Official GitHub Option

GitHub offers first-class support for Polar Pages in FUNDING.yaml. Convert stars into community members.

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For Individuals


Binary Downloads
Access to GitHub repository
Discord Invite
curl -X GET \ \ -H "Accept: application/json" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer polar_at_XXXX"


Transparent pricing aligned with your success.

Zero Fixed Costs

No hidden or monthly costs.

5% Revenue Share

We earn when you do.

+ Stripe & Open Collective

Transaction- and payout fees apply.

We've run out of sales pitches

For now. We ship fast and open source. So stay tuned.