Payment, Payout & Fees

Is there a monthly fee?


Which currencies are supported?

USD only for now.

Which countries are supported?

Limited during our alpha, but will expand in the near future. Currently we support: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom & United States.

What's your commission?

Polar takes a 10% commission on pledges once issues are solved.

How are payouts made?

Using Stripe Connect. Manually by Polar at this stage (alpha).

Polar Badge

How is the badge embedded?

Our Github app will embed the badge for the repositories you have connected and based on your settings for them. We update (edit) the issues and add the badge at the end of the issue body. Note: This does impact the modified at timestamp. See "How is Github sorting impacted?"

Can I select issues to badge?

Not currently. We’d love your feedback here. We'd love to support adding the ability to badge by label, e.g "polar".

Can I hide the amount pledged?

Yes. You can customize whether to show this or not during onboarding and in your organization settings at any time.

Which issues are badged?

All new issues. You'll also be prompted whether you want us to update existing – open – issues as well.

How is Github sorting impacted?

Since we embed the badge by editing the Github Issue via their API we do impact the date the issue was last modified. However, we do this operation in reverse chronological order for the issues we have synced. So that sorting by modified at results in the same order as before with the exception of closed issues. Note: Closed issues are not modified by us. Therefore, they keep their modified at timestamp. So they end up last if they're re-opened again.

Does it work beyond Github?

Not yet. Our goal is to expand support to other platforms including the ability to manually embed it across sites.


Can I get pledges without a badge?

Yes. We offer backers the ability to pledge toward issues they have referenced internally, i.e a dependency, and they can do so from their Polar dashboard without going through the Github badge flow.

Do pledges expire?

Yes, 6 months after the pledge was made.

Do backers get additional rights?

No. Your repository and code retains the same license as before. However, this also means you're expected to not release a fix under a different license.

Can I reward contributors?

Not currently in our alpha, but this is something we’re prioritizing.

When is a pledged issue completed?

Once the issue is closed it's considered completed. Backers of the issue are then notified. Unless a dispute is made within 14 days the pledge(s) are transferred to your Stripe account.

Am I required to do the work?

No, it’s up to you. We’ll add support to decline pledges to offer a faster feedback loop. In combination with improved control of which issues to badge via our Github App.

When do I get the money?

Once an issue has been closed, we have a 14 day review window. Backers are notified about the issue being resolved and unless anyone disputes it within 14 days, it’s considered completed upon which the money is transferred to your Stripe account.

Can I manually update progress?

Not currently in our alpha. But offering updates to backers and more control here is something we want to support.


Payment & Fees

Is there a fee to pledge?

Yes, there is a non-refundable service fee of 4.4% + ¢30. It's to cover our fixed costs to receive, hold and transfer the pledge. We’re working on budgets and other means of billing to reduce this fee meaningfully toward the future.

Can I be invoiced instead?

Yes, for certain volumes. Reach out to us and we’ll work it out together.


Do I get any guarantees?

No. We will improve and shorten the feedback loop until you know whether it has been accepted, but it will never be a guarantee.

Can I dispute a fix?

Once an issue is resolved we notify all backers – via email and our dashboard. You then have 14 days to dispute the fix. Unless a dispute is submitted, it’s considered accepted and the maintainer receives the pledge in their account.

Can I cancel a pledge?

Yes, within 30 days and provided the issue has not been picked up yet. Reach out to and we'll help you.

Can my pledge expire?

Yes, 6 months from the date you pledged. You’ll then receive the pledged amount in a Polar balance to easily re-invest it across other dependencies.

Do I get additional code rights?

No. The repository, library and/or code in question retains the same license as before.

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