Documentation All-in-one funding & monetization platform for developers

Focus on building your passion. We'll focus on the infrastructure to get you paid. From first donation to IPO.

  • All-in-one funding & monetization (soon) platform for open source- and indie developers.
  • Build your own audience with Polar Newsletters/Posts
  • 1% OSS Program - setup automatic rewards to upstream contributors/dependencies (soon)
  • We're the merchant of record handling the...
    • ...boilerplate (billing, receipts, customer accounts etc)
    • ...headaches (sales tax, VAT)


  • No fixed, monthly, costs
  • 5% + payment & payout fees

Roadmap, Issues & Feature Requests

🎯 v1.0 North Star. Checkout what we're building towards

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🐛 Found a bug? Submit it here.

🔓 Found a security vulnerability? We greatly appreciate responsible and private disclosures to See Security

Polar API & SDK

You can integrate Polar on your docs, sites or services using our Public API, Webhook API, and/or our Polar JS SDK (Beta)


You can develop on Polar in GitHub Codespaces. The environment is pre-configured to contain (most) of the tools that you'll need, and will help you to configure the integration between Polar and GitHub (see .devcontainer/README). Using an instance with at least 4 cores is recommended.

Open in GitHub Codespaces

You can also develop on Polar locally on your computer, which is the recommended way of working if you want to get into the deep of how Polar works. Documentation on how to setup a development environment is incoming. Until then, if you're feeling adventurous checkout our repository structure below and clients/README and server/README in particular.



♥️🙏 To our pyproject.toml friends: FastAPI, Pydantic, Arq, SQLAlchemy, Githubkit, sse-starlette, Uvicorn, httpx-oauth, jinja, blinker, pyjwt, Sentry + more
♥️🙏 To our package.json friends: Next.js, TanStack Query, tailwindcss, zustand, openapi-typescript-codegen, axios, radix-ui, cmdk, framer-motion + more


If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in Polar, we encourage you to responsibly disclose this and not open a public issue. We will investigate all legitimate reports and greatly appreciate your help. Email to disclose any security vulnerabilities.


Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.